Kindergarten Readiness – 5 Senses, Touch

What part of our bodies do we use to touch? Yes, we use hands and fingers but a special part of them–our skin. We use the skin all over our bodies to touch. We can use the sense of touch to expand children’s learning of all kinds of skills and enhance kindergarten readiness. For communication and vocabulary, ask your child what kinds of touches he or she likes; backrubs, hugs, cozy blankets, sandy beaches. Also, what kind of touches he or she doesn’t like. Toast crumbs, cold hands, windy rain. Think of some touch words such as soft, hard, rough, smooth, silky, bumpy, etc.

For an activity that helps with┬ádusting and tidying around the house or care center, put on an old sock and go for a touch walk. Explore things that are OK to touch like doorknobs, handles, the desk, the table, the toys on the floor, the rug, or books. A second activity is to find little bits of different kinds of textures and glue them on a page. You can use a bread tag, a bumpy cardboard, a crinkly wrapper, a shiny bit of foil, furry fabric, etc. Read a touch story or make up one of your own. What’s your favorite texture?

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