Kindergarten Readiness – 5 Senses, Smell

At school, the kids watched a DVD about the 5 senses that showed that babies can smell even in the womb! Exploring the sense of smell therefore is an activity for more than kindergarten readiness. It’s also an activity for more than newborn to school aged kids! Some still-waiting-to-be-born kidlets may have to wait though because some mommies just can’t handle smells right now. Even good smells.

To explore the sense of smell, there’s lots of things to use in your cupboard or your fridge. Just take them out and sniff. Some suggestions are oranges, lemons, bananas, cinnamon, curry, pizza spices, mint,  pickles, vinegar, coffee, chocolate, jam, hand and dish soap, fresh towels and more. To have more fun, choose a few samples and put a small amount in a little cup. Cover the cup with tin foil, poke a few holes in and try to guess what it is. Cook up some smells. Baked apples with cinnamon and brown sugar will fill the whole house with a wonderful aroma! Or pizza or fresh bread!

(When I’ve done this at school, I am amazed at how many children guess Vap-o-rub as perfume. This has happened consistently for years and I may have a clue as to why. Moms don’t usually wear perfume at home but they often do to go out, so this is not an appealing scent to kids. Vicks on the other hand means lots of attention, snuggles and cuddles. No wonder kids chose the smell of Vicks as their perfume.) What is the smell that you remember most? Share some smell memories with your children. Which ones do they like and not like? Did you nose that?

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