Kindergarten Readiness – Getting In Shape For Holidays

What shape should we get in? The different meanings for the word shape and the play on words is a great reminder that kids (and adults) need to play. For some playtime today, exercise the body in different shapes: make circles with different parts of the body, bend arms and legs like triangles, stand and stretch into a long rectangle shape. Squares can be more difficult to make with just one person but here is a fun way for 2 people. Each person puts the left arm out straight and bends the right arm over to hold just above the elbow. Now, turning to face each other, with the left hand hold on to the other person’s bent right arm. In the middle there is a square shape. This is sometimes called making a lift or a chair–an arm chair (tee-hee).

Trampoline Shapes

Adults and children learn in all different ways but we usually prefer one ‘channel’ more than the others. Some children are visual learners and learn best by seeing. They may have trouble with spoken directions and enjoy looking at the pictures in books more than the story. Others are auditory learners and enjoy talking and telling stories. Kinesthetic learners are hands-on and learn best by touching. Knowing the names of basic shapes is general knowledge for kindergarten readiness. Some children learn the names easily (auditory) but can’t always match the name and shape, some know the shapes (visual) but need lots of practice remembering the names. Making the shapes with the body helps all kids, most especially the action learners. Getting in shape is exercises for bodies and brains. What shape are you? (Tomorrow, we’ll eat some shapes.)

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