Kindergarten Readiness – 5 Senses Holiday Treat

The holidays have been so busy and so wonderful!

5 Senses Exploration

For some holiday fun with your little one today, take 5. 5 senses, that is. When you have a minute, wherever you are, ask your child what s/he can hear. Are there jingle bells or music? Crunchy snow? Have your child tell you what s/he can see. Perhaps, some colored lights. A third sense is smell. What kinds of smells are there? Turkey soup? Hot chocolate? Touching might be cold snow or prickly trees. Tasting could be oranges and Christmas cookies. Older kids might be able to remember something from earlier in the holidays for each of the senses. If appropriate ask your child what sense or body part we use for feeling bumps in stockings, enjoying a candy cane, for cookies baking, when listening if there are reindeer on the roof, and for looking at a book.

5 senses is a fun exploration for kids and kindergarten readiness. At school in the fall we saw a video that says unborn babies can smell in the womb! Focussing on just one sense at a time helps children sort out information and to limit their attention without being distracted. (From the classroom: The teacher asked “We have eyes for…?” A child answered “Seeing.” “And tongues for…?” “Tasting.” “Noses are for…?” “Smelling.” “And ears for…?” “Earrings.”) Does this make sense for you?

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