Kindergarten Readiness – New Year’s Eve

Today is New Year’s Eve. Even if some members of the family are going to bed before midnight–around here that’s usually me and somebody has to wake me up for midnight!–here are some ideas for homemade noise…er, I mean, music makers. Music and rhythm develop children’s brains for lots of later skills. Music isn’t just for kindergarten readiness, it’s vital for early development.

1-different width elastic bands around a tissue box or plastic container (remove lid)  for strumming and plucking.
2-two paper plates. Put a few plastic spoons on one plate and the other on the top. Tape around the two plates and shaaaake the tambourplate.
3-a plastic pop bottle that’s empty. Blow over the mouth for cool notes.
4-a spoon on a tin pie plate, without the pie.
5-a cup or can with a lid and some spoons inside to clang and bang.

With a little creativity, there will be noises…er, instruments for an entire band.

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