Kindergarten Readiness – Resolution to Read #3

Reading a book to a little one is such a wonderful way to spend a few minutes. And it has tremendous benefits for brain development and kindergarten readiness. When either you or your child have picked out a book to read, look at the front cover. Comment on the picture and ask your child what s/he sees. A simple “Hmm, I wonder if this book is all about that. Let’s open it up and check,” is a very specific strategy. This begins to build predicting skills. Asking what might happen on the next page is a way to promote critical thinking and good listening as your child follows the story. After reading, encourage your child to talk about the story, perhaps by asking if s/he liked it, “Were there some fun parts? What was the best page in the book?” and so on. Sometimes this takes longer than the story but it¬†unlocks lots more learning for kids.¬†What other ?? can you suggest?

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