Kindergarten Readiness – Resolution to Read

We almost had a snow day but overnight the temperature rose and we woke up to rain. Some of my favorite kids’ books are all about snow. If your kids are very young choose one with only a few words on each page like Snow, by Eastman and McKie, that says: Snow, snow, come out in the snow. 

Books that talk about something that the child has already experienced help children enter into the meaning of the story. That’s a key process because that’s what reading is for all of us–making meaning from the lines and squiggles. While travelling over the holidays, I found a wonderful book that listed all the attractions of the area, but I could only look at it because it was written in Spanish. Thankfully, I could understand a few words but I couldn’t read the meaning. As you read to kids, help connect the story to their experiences. They are not yet reading on their own, but all these stories that you share are crucial for helping kids understand what it will be all about and enriching their language development. This helps with more than kindergarten readiness. It’s significant for every school year and beyond. No matter what the weather!
What’s your child’s favorite book?


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