Kindergarten Readiness – Vitamin Book

As parents and caregivers, we encourage children to develop healthy habits, like eating nutritious foods, washing hands, and getting exercise and enough sleep. That’s care for the body. There’s care for the mind and getting exercise for the brain. I like to think of stories as Vitamin Book and a daily dose of a few minutes reading is best. It’s good nutrition for kindergarten readiness.

Adults need a dose of Vitamin Book, too. Plus, it’s important for kids to see that adults read–magazines, papers, novels, and  ebooks all count, even maps! Modelling that we read, too, is not just for show; otherwise children get the idea that only kids read. Today, share something that you are reading with your child. You may comment that grownups can read small print and lots of words on a page because they have had lots of practice. Your child might be happy just to hear your voice as you read outloud, not minding if it’s hard to understand. Vitamin Book–is this something you can swallow?

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