Kindergarten Readiness – B = Book

Book starts with the sound ‘buh’. There are some other sounds that come after but the start just goes ‘buh’. Helping kids to pick out the sound that starts at the very first part of a word also helps them later on when they learn to read. This skill enables them do word families like sat, cat, hat, mat, etc. To learn this skill kids need to hear lots and lots of words and some of the best ways to do that are with stories and books. The brain seems to figure this out on it’s on when it is stimulated with lots of language. Learning to read is a much easier task if children are able to do this by the time they come to school. This blog is for kindergarten readiness for all little ones and some have years before starting school so for now, just read books and tell stories. Enjoy the sounds of the words, share many different kinds of stories and your child will pick up lots of kindergarten readiness skills along the way.

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