Kindergarten Readiness – Books to Eat?

For blog entries on Saturdays, I like to include ones with more of a weekend¬†appeal than a Monday to Friday feel. Kindergarten readiness activities fit right in with what you are already doing and have an element of fun, but weekend ones need a special note. After all, it’s the weekend! Sometimes, I’ve suggested an activity in the kitchen, so since we’re doing books I goggled ‘books to eat’. Well, the results were hilarious! Did you know there is an International Book Festival of Books to Eat? My favorite was Smores and Peace, closely followed by Grate Eggspectations. What a hoot.

While this isn’t a book to eat, the kid’s story “I Can Eat A Rainbow” by Annabel Karmel has wonderfully colored pictures of all kinds of things to eat. Plus, it also helps encourage healthy eating. Little ones like to do what moms and dads do and to feel included. One way to do that is to let them ‘help’ as you cook. There is a vast selection of books for cooking with kids. Many have simple recipes with lots of illustrations so kids can read, too. Reading a recipe shows children that reading is not just for fun. Reading is a very¬†useful skill for learning and doing all kinds of things. While this is an important lesson for kindergarten readiness, it’s a positive lifelong attitude. With a Festival of Books to Eat the proof is in the pudding!! Can you think of any other edible titles?

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