Kindergarten Readiness – Everywhere a Book

Well, maybe not everywhere, but in many places. Part 1, yesterday, talked about areas, in addition to home, where parents and caregivers can access books for little ones. Part 2 continues today with more ideas.

Some towns and cities have book and story times for children offered as community recreation programs, for instance a  Tots and Tales Time. Local health units or health authorities may also have activities such as Mother Goose for stories and singing. Sometimes, schools have programs for children not yet attending but in the neighborhood. School libraries often have book fairs and sales. You might be able to phone the school near you and ask if they have any book sales or book fund-raising events scheduled. Public libraries, too, sometimes have sales of books that are a bit too worn for much  more handling but can survive for another child or two. I’ve been able to find some that only cost a dime or a quarter! (And, yes, that was this century.)  Secondhand or used book stores often have a children’s book corner or shelf. Secondhand or used kid’s clothing and toy stores may have books for sale, as well.

New books may not be in your family’s budget but there are many other places where adults can find books for kids. Reading and sharing books is so important for children’s development and kindergarten readiness. What better treasure can you give your child than the wonder of books?

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