Kindergarten Readiness – Here a Book, There a Book

Reading books at home or at your care center is one way to provide children with books but there are other ways, too. Going to the public library in your area for children’s books and for story time is an obvious one. Book stores often have book readings for kids. Did you know that some children’s clothing and toy stores also have story times? Nearly all doctors and dentists have a little corner with toys and books as well as other offices such as real estate and insurance agencies. 

While this isn’t a kindergarten readiness project or learning activity, when children see books around them in all kinds of different places, they get the message that books are used by many people every day. Today, as you are out and about with your child, count how many places you discover books.

Q. What game can you play at the library? A. Peek-a-book. What do you do at the library?


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