Kindergarten Readiness – Magic Comes In All Colors

Yesterday, we added another kind of enchantment, the magic of colors. The secret formula we tried was red and yellow.  Today, blue and red have a turn. Food coloring or paints work best, but felts and crayons can also be used. Cover the work surface with newspaper because some colors will not magically disappear. Using a clean sheet of paper, and a paint brush or q-tip, let your child color a small area with red. (I put just a drop or two into a jar lid.) Have your child rinse the brush as you put a drop of blue right on top of the red. Now, your child can paint the blue over the red and voila! purple appears. Your child may want to paint a purple picture with the new color.

As before, part of kindergarten readiness is being comfortable with discovering and exploring. Such simple science fun paves the way for later science experiments. Magic formula #2: red + blue = purple. Q. How do you tell the difference between a grape and an elephant? A. Grapes are purple. What else is purple?

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