Kindergarten Readiness – St. Patrick’s Day Science

Faith and begorra, you didna need 3 guesses to know that today’s color magic would be mixing blue and yellow. As in Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s posts, cover the work surface to protect it from leprechauns. Use paints, food coloring, crayons or felt markers. Give your child either a small brush or q-tip and a clean paper. Put 2 or 3 drops of yellow in a jar lid and your child can paint with yellow. Rinse and paint right over the top with a drop of blue. What happens to the yellow and the blue? Does that make a St. Patrick’s Day color? Ask your child to paint something green, like grass, trees, or broccoli. To make a shamrock, paint a small green heart. Turn the paper sideways and at the point of the heart, paint another one. Turn the paper to the other side and finish off with a third heart. Add a stem and there is a shamrock, (a shamrock is a 3-leaf clover with heart-shaped leaves; the lucky ones with 4 leaves are also clovers but their leaves are more oval shaped).  

Kindergarten readiness is more than knowing colors. It’s also being excited to learn and discover. This simple science experiment includes following instructions, observing change, figuring out cause and effect, explaining in sequence and more and helps your little one create the foundation for more learning.
Irish you a Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

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