Kindergarten Readiness – Spring Math

Familiarity with numbers can be considered part of kindergarten readiness. ¬†In order for children to understand number and the concept of ‘how many’ they need lots of opportunities¬†for counting and exploring numbers. Since we’ve been talking about seeds, they can be used for counting, too. Apples are usually a reliable source of a good number of seeds. Carefully cut an apple into quarters and scoop out the core. Kids need help digging the seeds out. Have your child point to each seed as s/he says the number. How many are there? How many apple slices are there? Are there more seeds or more apple slices?

This activity takes less time to do than it does to eat the apple, but every little bit helps and adds to the times that your child has an opportunity to engage with numbers. Are there more bites or more seeds?

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