Readiness for Kindergarten – Easter Patterns

An important early childhood development and kindergarten readiness skill is that of patterning. Patterning is being able to pick out a regular and repeating sequence. Our own bodies are based on a repeating pattern–DNA. Language, math, and music all have regular patterns, too. Children need lots of experiences with patterns to learn this skill. Easter has lots of fun items for playing and making patterns.

Fuzzy chicks and bunnies, colored plastic eggs, and even jelly beans can be used. Grown-ups can show kids a pattern: bunny, egg; bunny, egg; bunny…and ask them to complete it. As children are able, patterns can get harder: bunny, chick, egg; bunny, chick…. Another sequence could be 1 bunny, 2 eggs, 1 bunny, 2 eggs, etc. There are many ways to have some pattern fun. As well as asking kids to finish a pattern, adults can leave a blank space and ask kids to fill it in. Or try an item that’s incorrect. Some children will be able to create their own patterns but this is harder than adding on. Easter eggs themselves often have patterns.

To enrich your child’s day, from getting dressed in the morning, to riding in a car or bus, to eating meals and tucking in with a story, you can look for and find lots of different kinds of patterns. I like the pattern that goes: pink jelly bean, yellow jelly bean, blue jelly bean; pink, yellow, blue, pinkyellowblue!
All in support of readiness for kindergarten. What kinds of patterns do you like?

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