Readiness for Kindergarten – Easter Bunny Hop

Easter bunnies don’t only have to hop. For some Easter fun, kids can try different ways to move. (Doing this along with the kids is great exercise for adults, too. ) Start with a hop on 2 feet. Next, try a hop on 1 foot and then the other. The Easter bunny may need to jump. Jump on 2 feet, then each one. Maybe, the Easter bunny would like to try to skip. Skipping is harder for young children because it involves coordinating a more complicated movement. What else? Add some twirls, walking on both feet and hands, walking on 2 feet and 1 hand, and some rolls along with the hops.

Exploring and discovering what bodies can do, how they work and how parts work together is part of early childhood development and kindergarten readiness. Big movements develop big muscles and gross motor coordination. They also help strengthen the skeleton. I mentioned this in a blogpost on March 26: A professor of medicine, Dr. Heather McKay has been researching the role of exercise on skeletal development. “There is no time as important as childhood for the health …of a skeleton,” she advises. Early activity can actually change the shape of bones, making them stronger. Kids can also try some balancing on each foot and walking on tiptoes or heels. If you are in a location with lots of space, the Easter bunny may want to jog or run. All this bunny exercise helps kids stay fit and healthy as well as encouraging readiness for kindergarten.  Q. What is a rabbit’s favorite dance? A. The Bunny Hop! What’s your favorite dance?

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