Kindergarten Readiness & College, Too

A Facebook reader saw my blog yesterday comparing kindergarten readiness and college readiness and sent me a link to a CNN article on the same topic. (Dec. 29, Want to get your kids into college? Let them play.)

The article mentions some of the similar concerns for undergrads as for little ones: impulse control, separation anxiety, and relating actions and consequences. I especially liked this section, “…academic achievement in college requires readiness skills that transcend mere book learning. It requires the ability to engage actively with people and ideas. In short, it requires a deep connection with the world.” This connection to the world and to other people can be developed by playing, discovering and interacting, no matter a person’s age.

Since the key word today is connect, that reminds me about the Bones song–the toe bone’s connected to the foot bone, the foot bone’s connected to the ankle bone, etc. Let’s explore some of the ways our bones are all connected. Stretch the imagination, too, by thinking about having our arms/legs connected in different spots. Kids can make up a story or draw a picture about that. Readiness for kindergarten–or college –is connected to play. How will you & your child play & connect the dots?

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