Readiness for Kindergarten – Cooking With Kids

Ideas for play and learning with water took a recess for a couple of days but are back just in time for the weekend. Water play is a great way to build kindergarten readiness skills. Earlier blogs have touched on vocabulary, physical coordination and development, problem solving, observing, premath skills, and more. This is a science and cooking activity that uses some of these skills, too.

A fun treat for warm, sunny days is a popsicle. These are easy to make with little ones. Involve your child in the planning and organizing:  finding the popsicle container or some smaller plastic cups, and washing the holders or some plastic spoons. Your little one can help make the juice, stirring and counting. What color is the juice? How many can you make? Talking together uses lots of language. Now, comes the hard part–the carefully putting into the freezer and waiting. Learning to wait is a really important readiness for kindergarten skill and practice helps. It’s not easy for kids, or grownups, but having a yummy treat makes the waiting worthwhile. What is your favorite popsicle flavor?

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