Readiness for Kindergarten – Socks For Learning #10

Ten learning activities from socks? Just goes to show that small, ordinary items can be used to help kids with kindergarten readiness. So far activities have included matching, counting, sorting, rhyming, initial sounds, games, puppets, books and songs (see previous posts). I think #10 is the very best–a sock hop! Put on some fun music and you and your child can dance together.

Kindergarten will place increased demands on children socially. Dancing with a partner is one way to practice social skills. Even little children learn that they need to coordinate their actions with a partner, at least at a minimal level. Kids will learn to watch their partner for cues and enjoy being together.  These are important social skills and will impact more than readiness for kindergarten. No shoes needed, only dancing socks. Have these posts given you some more ideas about kindergarten readiness activities?

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