Sock Activities

Sock Activities that are fun for children, educators & parents alike.  Kindergarten & pre-school craft and play activities – All you need are socks!

Stockings or Socks – Christmas Sock Fun for Kids

“The stockings were hung by the chimney with care…” but there’s more to do that that, how about some ways to have Christmas sock fun for kids? After all, stockings is a fancy word for socks.

Christmas math activities

Socks make great puppets. Any sock can be slipped over a hand and instantly becomes a character. All that’s needed is a voice, but you can add features, as long as it’s a sock you won’t need again. You can use buttons or fabric or even a felt marker to make a face. Scrounge in the craft drawer for a hat or clothing. From a kit she got a couple of years ago for Christmas, Big Sister made a sock snake puppet with a long pink tongue just right for tickling.

sock puppet fun

Several socks rolled up in a ball, with a white one on the outside, make a snowball that won’t melt. Little Sister loved throwing them in the hallway. We closed all the doors and she wore off a good chunk of energy with a pile of sock snowballs. These don’t have to be just the mismatched socks but, if you use good ones, make sure they get back in the right drawers.

physical activity for kids

One child can hide a sock and another one look for it. The one who hid the sock can give clues using the word Warmer when getting closer or Colder when farther away. If only this would work the rest of the time for missing socks.

sock hop fun with socks


Put on some lively music for dancing and have a Sock Hop. That’s an old-fashioned word for a dance. Bare floors can be a bit slippery. Carpets are softer for dancing and hopping but static electricity might spark the fun.

Christmas sock fun

A big friend, Grace, aka GracieFacieB, at made these socks into wonderful snowmen. What a great Christmas decoration to keep or give away. Can you share some other ways to have Christmas sock fun for kids?



Kids Play with Anything #22: Child’s Play with Socks

If anything proves how kids can play without toys, it’s play with socks. Don’t despair if some disappear in the wash. Instead, just let kids play.

play with socksSocks and feet seem to have a love-hate relationship. Babies work hard to take them off and young kids often prefer going barefoot. The wash isn’t the only thing that loses socks, so do kids. Send them on a play-date or sleep-over and they are likely to come home without socks. But there are lots of ways to play with socks.

One game that kids invent all by themselves because no adult still does it, well hardly ever, is The Sock Slide. Back and forth across a floor that is not covered by carpet, kids will run and slide. They have discovered a way to keep moving when the body is held still. Not only that, they are figuring out how to keep their balance when moving at speed. Experience teaches kids to get prepared for places that are not as slippery in case there’s a sudden stop. Play is very purposeful so this counts as play.

physical activity for kidsAnother game is the sock snowball. Roll socks into a ball, find a space where there’s nothing to get knocked over, like a hallway. Kids can throw sock snowballs and improve their aim.

With some fun music, kids can dance around in their socks. Some adults might remember this is called a sock hop.

play with socksSock puppets have been a play standard since long before recycling, upcycling, and life hacks. They can be made by putting a sock on the hand instead of the foot. There are two ways to make a mouth, either by tucking the toe of the sock between the thumb and fingers to make a mouth or just using the fingers in the toe part and the thumb in the heel. Socks can be given ‘personalities’ with the addition of buttons, fabric bits, yarn, ribbons, and whatever else is in the scrap bag or craft box. Now this sock can talk, and kids can play with their sock puppet. They choose the words and the voice. The conversation and the action, like play, come from within the child.

Are there any socks at your house that can come out and play?

Readiness for Kindergarten – Socks For Learning #10

Ten learning activities from socks? Just goes to show that small, ordinary items can be used to help kids with kindergarten readiness. So far activities have included matching, counting, sorting, rhyming, initial sounds, games, puppets, books and songs (see previous posts). I think #10 is the very best–a sock hop! Put on some fun music and you and your child can dance together.

Kindergarten will place increased demands on children socially. Dancing with a partner is one way to practice social skills. Even little children learn that they need to coordinate their actions with a partner, at least at a minimal level. Kids will learn to watch their partner for cues and enjoy being together.  These are important social skills and will impact more than readiness for kindergarten. No shoes needed, only dancing socks. Have these posts given you some more ideas about kindergarten readiness activities?

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Readiness for Kindergarten – Sock Puppets

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