Readiness for Kindergarten – Drawing About Camping

While we hope all the days we are camping are sunny, chances are some of those days will have rain. Finding things to do can be challenging when the weather is wet. One activity that can keep little ones busy is drawing and coloring. Paper, crayons or felts and, of course, imagination. (For older kids, it helps to call it sketching and to have a pad of paper with pencil crayons or charcoal.)

Drawing is certainly a kindergarten readiness activity. Little ones first just experiment with making marks and lines on papers. Then, they attach meaning to these squiggles. Later on, we can recognize  the picture in their work and it shows some resemblance to what they are drawing. Drawing is also the first way that your child expresses meaning through print. It’s a step before writing and helps reinforce that meaning-print bond. In addition, making pictures on paper is good practice for making pictures in the mind or what is called visualizing.

This picture is certainly recognizable as camping. Unfortunately, the lines show rain. But fun for the little artist, and readiness for kindergarten learning, too. No wonder she has such a big smile! Thank you, Ella. How about you, are you smiling, too?

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