Readiness for Kindergarten – Camping Scavenger Hunt

Pirates aren’t the only ones that look for treasure. And there is treasure in the natural world. Many psychologists are finding that kids and adults need time outdoors. Camping is an ideal time to encourage this bond with nature. More than just readiness for kindergarten, this will be part of your child’s future.

One way to reinforce the connection with nature and treasure is to go on a scavenger hunt. Even very young toddlers like to explore and discover. Some things to look for are:

  • a pine cone,  
  • a piece of bark or wood,
  • a twig (with 2 arms)    
  • a round rock (or smooth, flat, etc.)
  • a feather
  • a seed
  • a leaf

Some items to find but only look at might be a spider web, a flower, a bug or worm, and other forest creatures. In addition to appreciating nature, there are such kindergarten readiness skills as careful observing, remembering 2 or 3 or more things at a time, matching an item to the category, choosing, explaining, meeting a goal, and more. This scavenger hunt is finding that learning can be fun and exciting. Wood…er, my apologies, would you agree that’s a real treasure?

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