Readiness for Kindergarten – Camping At The North Pole

Camping at the North Pole? A local high school student just received an Arctic Scholarship. She was one of 65 chosen from 13 countries to camp and learn as they visit 5 North Pole areas this summer. Cassandra E’s comment “I went camping with my parents a lot when I was younger…” was echoed by other members of the Students On Ice Arctic 2011 team. Each of them talked about their connection to nature and many are planning environmental careers. Because this started when they were young children it’s the perfect wrap-up to this blog series on camping and learning.  

I get so excited when I read or hear something that confirms the effect of early learning, starting long before kindergarten readiness and continuing on past high school and beyond. It’s very hard to predict the future and what will be meaningful to little ones years and years down the road. But providing a variety of experiences in all kinds of areas will not only encourage readiness for kindergarten but enrich their lives, too. What early learning experiences have been most meaningful for you? Happy Camping!

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