Readiness for Kindergarten – Celebrate, Children At Play

I saw this great sign on a blog called “preschool daze”. Kristin had taken the sign Caution Children At Play and changed it to Celebrate Children At Play. It must be something in the air because my post yesterday was all about learning kindergarten readiness social skills by celebrating with others. The idea of today’s post is also from the sign: play.

We’ve all heard that children learn thru play. Play is discovery, exploring and imagining. Store-bought toys are not needed for play. At our house, when kids played more with the packaging than the toy we used to joke about the Fisher-Price box. In this photo, a variety of containers that were in the recycling bin became dishes and were used to play ‘restaurant.’ They were also used for language, vocabulary, organizing, and imagining and other skills. Play promoted all kinds of learning. To help your child with readiness for kindergarten– play!
Isn’t it wonderful to have play for homework?


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