Readiness for Kindergarten – Backpack Monster Craft

Remember reading and talking about the monster in the backpack last week? That was so much fun, here’s a kindergarten readiness craft activity to create a backpack monster. Materials needed are any wonderful odd bits and treasures from the recycling. Monsters can be made from practically anything and put together in lots of different ways.

Doing crafts with little ones is not always easy. At the very least, it is not usually an activity that kids can do by themselves. Instead, it requires adult supervision and time. Nevertheless, making crafts helps with readiness for kindergarten because children learn to plan, organize and follow directions.  The projects encourage creativity and give kids a sense of accomplishment. Children love to create. In the process, they use lots of thinking skills such as making decisions, problem solving, choosing, comparing, and evaluating. Their little hands practice all kinds of fine motor control as they cut, color, and glue. Their little hands and hearts get to feel proud of their work.

Instead of the monster, this time it’s the kids eating up all kinds of learning. Does your monster have any comments?


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