Readiness for Kindergarten – Backpack Treasure Hunt

Where do pirates put their treasure? In pirate chests. Where do kids put their treasures? In backpacks. Now, if there isn’t any treasure in the backpacks at your house, it’s time to go find some. For many families, the weekend has better opportunities to spend time outdoors than the weekdays. This weekend, your family may have time to strap on the backpacks and go on a treasure hunt. With the change in seasons, there will likely be lots of fall treasures to find and a chance to practice some kindergarten readiness skills such as observing, appreciating nature, choosing, explaining, sorting and categorizing, to name a few.

What might be some fall treasures? Pine cones, helicopter (maple) seeds, acorns, brightly colored autumn leaves, feathers, dried plants, fall flowers and more. No matter the season, rocks always seem to be a treasure to little ones. Some of these backpack treasures may be the start of a collection, too. (The items may have to be transferred from a backpack into a shoebox when the backpack returns to the regular week.) Readiness for kindergarten is another treasure just waiting to be discovered. What can you find?


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