Readiness for Kindergarten – Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Did you know that when we form a memory our brains creates either new connections or strengthens old ones? Since creating connections helps with memory, here’s a project to do with your child to make a few and promote readiness for kindergarten.

Turkeys are connected to Thanksgiving. Using paper in yellow or brown, have your child trace a hand or grown-ups can trace for younger kids. Make sure the fingers are spread wide apart. Draw a beak part way down the thumb outline. With all the ins and outs, adults also need to help with cutting out the hand. Once that is done, your child can glue on some feathers, tissue paper, bits of fabric or other items on decorate the turkey. Your child might like to use markers to color the feathers, too. Add an eye, and a red head cap complete with a few bumps. Legs can be added or just wiggle the turkey into a bit of playdo and set it on your table at Thanksgiving.

If your child would like to know more, find some pictures on the computer or maybe a video complete with sounds for more learning fun. This craft not only encourages brain connections and memory, it links up other learning, too, and kindergarten readiness. Can you gobble up this idea?

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