Readiness for Kindergarten – Physical Activity and Memory

Physical activity has a beneficial effect on health, and recent studies show that it even helps memory function. Because memory is such a key strategy in learning, it’s important then that kids get lots of physical activity. While it seems that kids never stop moving, as parents and caregivers we need to make sure that they are getting enough exercise. This is not just important for brains, but for physical development–and kindergarten readiness.

Getting exercise is harder when it’s rather cold for playgrounds, parks and walks. Some dvds, youtubes, tv programs or music cds may interest your child and encourage some moving along fun. Sometimes, all that’s needed is a big empty space and kids fill it with their own ideas for physical activity.

I’ve been sitting at my keyboard for long enough; I need to listen to myself and go get some exercise, too. Especially considering all the turkey and trimmings. Physical activity is good for memory, readiness for kindergarten, bodies and brains.Hmm, since it’s Black Friday, would a few trips up and down the mall count for exercise? Or maybe doing the turkey trot?


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