Readiness for Kindergarten – Picture Memory, 1 2 3 Smile!

Did you take some Thanksgiving photos yesterday? Photos can help kids–and grownups-with memory skills and readiness for kindergarten.

Our brains use pictures as well as words to create memory connections. Try this yourself first to check out your memory. Look at a picture you took recently, perhaps yesterday for Thanksgiving. Now, turn it over and see how much you remember. Who’s in the picture? Is it inside or outside? What’s happening? What are the colors of the clothes that the people are wearing? I’m not very good at visual memory, but I could probably tell you who was talking and what they were saying at the time. Which one is easier for you, visual or auditory?

Children, just like adults, will have their own learning and remembering strengths. But it’s important to practice both. If possible, print a few pictures for your child just to look at. With your little one, talk about who the people are and what they are doing. Maybe hang the picture on the fridge at eye-level for your child. This will encourage picture or visual memory for your child. And that is an important skill strategy for kindergarten readiness and learning.

2 thoughts on “Readiness for Kindergarten – Picture Memory, 1 2 3 Smile!”

  1. I took lots of photos of my grandson on Thanksgiving day!! We grandmas want our grandchildren to always remember us and know us:) So we help out by keeping a camera handy!!

  2. Morning Deborah, I may figure out how all this works yet. I posted a photo and comment on your wall this morning. Usually, when I comment, a different box pops up and advises me the comment will be posted when approved. Today, it just went straight to the TeachPreschool wall! Then, the link didn’t include the Christmas tree photo, which was the entire point, not me. When I posted the photo instead of being a little thumbnail it’s a great big picture! I won’t do that again. I’m getting geek-tutoring in the new year from one of my now-graduated kindergarten students. Thankfully, 1 person has liked it so I don’t feel so bad, only clueless. Barbara

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