Readiness for Kindergarten – Happy New Learning Year

2012: Bite into learning!

I just watched an incredible TED video on when learning begins. The whole topic of children and learning has important implications regarding readiness for kindergarten. While the video did not have any direct suggestions for how to maximize learning to enhance kindergarten readiness I loved something that Annie Murphy Paul stated, “Learning is one of life’s most essential activities.”

And that is a perfect intention/resolution for the New Year: learning. As I’ve reassured parents before, this doesn’t have to be another item on the to-do list for you and your kids. It’s a do-with: learn while doing the dishes, doing the laundry, walking to the bus, getting dressed, and with all the other things, regular and ordinary, that happen each day.

(Here’s a link to this video, 16+ min) that talks about the origins of learning–before babies are even born:

Happy New Year from Barbara Allisen!!

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