Readiness for Kindergarten – Same and Different

Start of a new week in the new year. I just read an article with an interesting point of view and wanted to share this perspective with  parents and caregivers because it underscores the New Year’s resolution of ” bite into learning.”

The article discusses why it is so important to be involved:   “There is a clear connection between how much a parent participates in a child’s education and the future academic success of that child.” (DocSprk,

That’s the why, but there’s another part to the question of being involved: HOW!?!

For that, I have some very do-able answers. Every day will have a few minutes here and there that parents can use to help little ones along the learning path. Here’s an example. It’s a new year, but some of the things that happen today are the same as before, even if it’s a different year. Talk to your little one about things that are the same and different. At the table, are 2 spoons the same? Yes, they fit right together; they are the same. How about a spoon and a fork? No, they are different because the fork has little points. When getting dressed, 2 socks are the same but a shirt and pants are different. Are your child’s boots the same as yours or different? What other things are either the same or different?

Just a few minutes checking out same and different will help your child learn this concept. It needs lots and lots of repetition for kids over a period of time before they can accurately compare 2 or more things and tell if they are the same or different. But you have helped your child with awareness and experience of this thinking skill. This involvement required no extra time or extra cost on your part and it contributed significantly to your child’s learning and kindergarten readiness. What are other ways you can participate in your child’s learning?


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