Readiness for Kindergarten – Wear Red Today

Today wear something red. It is a special day reminding us all to take care of our hearts. Children will love finding some red things to wear.  There are some other activities that kids can do to learn about hearts. This one is hands-on.

Help your child put a hand or two over his/her heart. Likely your child will not be able to feel anything. Set a timer for a minute and together you can jump, jog in place, do some jumping jacks, hop on one foot, hop on the other and continue exercising. When the timer goes, have your child put one or two hands over the heart area again. Now, what’s happening? Can s/he feel the heart beating? Usually a minute is enough to be able to feel the increased pumping action of the heart. Kids eyes open wide as they feel their own hearts. It’s very exciting and you can almost see their attention and focus turn inward.

This activity encourages children’s self-awareness which is part of kindergarten readiness but more importantly helps them as they learn to care for their health. Attitudes to health start with the young. Kids like to feel included and letting them wear red, too, is one way of doing that. Plus, it also helps them learn about the color red. Are you wearing red today?

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