Readiness for Kindergarten – Hearts & Other Parts, Part 4

We might not think of paints, pencils, markers, and crayons as tools but for kids they are learning tools. Maybe that’s why we sometimes find evidence of colors on walls; kids weren’t scribbling but building.

Pictures and drawing are another form of communication, just like words and speaking. Some children would rather draw than talk and some kids dislike drawing but it’s beneficial for all kids to be able to discover and play with colors and paper. As kids use these learning tools they are developing thinking and representing skills, exploring making images, practicing small muscle coordination, expanding attention span, and growing other kindergarten readiness and life skills.

Children’s drawings of bodies give us clues as to some of their thinking skills. Usually, their drawings start with just a face and head, then legs and arms are attached to the head. Later, a line for the body is added along with fingers and toes and other features. Later still, full bodies and clothes. There will be tremendous variation in their abilities to draw bodies that reflects their interests and talents. These 2 pictures are both done by 5 year olds. My drawings of a body look more like the one on the left! Does your fridge have any body work on the door?


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