Readiness for Kindergarten -Hearts & Other Parts, Part 5

Watching babies develop an awareness of their own bodies is fascinating. Have you seen a baby watch it’s hands and fingers in wonderment, moving them slightly and slowly as if questioning how they got there and what they do? Then babies discover their feet and curl themselves into balls as they hold onto their toes. Once they start moving, they explore the world outside their bodies.

Toddlers and preschoolers love to┬ádiscover what their bodies can do: how their bodies move, carry things, stretch, reach, climb and more. If you have more time on the weekend than during the week, explore a physical activity with your child. It might be going for a hike, running in the park, playing at the playground, swimming at the pool, or skating in the park depending on your weather. Some inside things to do could be putting on some music and dancing or exercising to a kids’ program. Does your area have a community gym? Weekends are often busy but┬ámay include some family time with hoops, mats and balls. Walking the dog can be any day and is good for human bodies, too.

Physical activity helps kids keep their bodies healthy and develops readiness for kindergarten and life skills such as awareness of the body and how it moves in space, and muscle coordination. What activities do you and your child like to do for hearts and other parts?


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