Kindergarten Readiness – Spring Fun/Learning Activities #10

I’ve been resisting doing a kindergarten readiness post on great children’s books about spring because there were so many and I just couldn’t choose. Then today on the Teach Preschool blog Deborah highlighted a book that can be used for Spring, April Fool’s, and Easter. I was glad I’d waited so I could share this funny story with you.

Duck & Goose by Tad Hills tells the story of a duck and goose who find a brightly colored egg. But they both want it. The two of them have to figure out a solution  that works for each of them. Only there’s still a problem–is this round shape an egg? This book also talks about some important social and emotional skills like cooperating and negotiating. Duck and Goose learn to accept and appreciate each other. Such skills are valuable for kids and make coping with their peers much easier.

Reading stories to kids is one of the very best activities for helping children become powerful learners. Because books are a concentrated form of language, they are ideal for stimulating language development and much of our learning during our entire lives is done thru language. Children who have been read to at home have an easier time at school when it comes to learning to read. When you are reading this story to your child, check out the cover. Asking your child some questions encourages interaction: What two animals are there? What are they doing? Do they look friendly? As you read the story watch your child’s eyes and face for understanding. Pause and ask your child to predict what might happen next, etc. What are some other things that are round?

These same strategies can be used for any book. Your child likely has some favorites that you are reading over and over already. Are the two of you having a ball when you share stories?


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