Easter Fun and Learning #6

Every year I can hardly wait to decorate Easter eggs. Even though I’ve been doing it as long as I can remember there is always something different. If decorating Easter eggs is something you do with your child it can create a lifetime of memories (and of course helps with kindergarten readiness).

decorating-eggsA quick search on the internet gives tons of ideas of different ways to color Easter eggs. I tend to favor a cold solution of vinegar and food color so there’s no hot water that can spill on little helpers. Elastic bands can cover up one color and save it from being dyed with a second color for making stripes. Using a small spoon of olive oil adds a pretty marbling effect. This year for the first time I tried felt eggs by shrinking wool fibers onto a plastic egg. The trick is to tape the plastic egg so it doesn’t come apart later.

What are some of the skills that children learn when decorating eggs? Kids practice using the names of colors. Learning colors needs lots of repeated experiences. Exploring how colors change when the eggs are put in 2 or 3 different cups is often a surprise. It’s like a science experiment in a cup. Predicting, talking, and observing are  some more. Practicing waiting patiently is another.There are the social skills of taking turns and sharing. These are only a few readiness for kindergarten skills that come into play when coloring eggs. I know this activity is fun for me. Check out the big smile. Do you agree it’s fun for kids?


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