Kindergarten Readiness – Easter Fun & Learning #5

When it comes to drawing, I’m not far beyond the kindergarten readiness level. Some children will love to draw and some will be barely interested, but encouraging kids to draw helps with all kinds of brain connections.

Easter bunny going all around

Eye-hand coordination is one of the obvious brain connections as children learn to use tools such as paints, pencils, crayons, markers, etc. Small muscle control develops later in the early childhood stage.  In addition to physical skills, children are also building mental ones. Through images and pictures children are communicating just as they are with words. Instead of verbalizing, they are visualizing or making pictures in their mind. Drawing also encourages growth of attention span as kids focus on what they are doing.

Drawing can be considered play because it is very much an internal activity. Children interpret and represent what they see around them. It also encourages creativity and imagination. In this picture, done by a 3 1/2 year old, there is a sun and the Easter bunny is going all around. One color has been used for everything even though other colors were available. This is more important for some children than for others. Are there ways that you can encourage your child interest in drawing?

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