Kindergarten Readiness – Summer Learning Fun

Ready, Set, Go, because it’s SUMMER and it’s easy and fun to include kindergarten readiness in summer activities. Here’s an example. In the summer it’s fun to go on a picnic. There’s lots of learning that gets packed along:

  • picnictalking together about what’s needed using language to negotiate, specific vocabulary,
  • helping plan, prepare and organize,
  • encouraging basic care by including sunscreen and a hat,
  • promoting responsibility and safety, remembering to stay close to the family,
  • connecting to nature, early science, observing,
  • general concepts of colors, sizes, shapes,
  • enjoying being with others and social skills such as sharing, taking turns,

That’s only 1 activity and only some of the learning fun. Since it’s June and blog posts have been about bug learning activities…what else comes on a picnic? Ants. Sing the Ants Go Marching one by one, two by two, three by three, all the way to ten for some math and number practice. Now, all that is a big Hurrah for summer fun and kindergarten readiness learning. Do you agree?


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