Kindergarten Readiness and A Pail of Early Learning Fun

A shower overnight was just right to start some early learning and kindergarten readiness fun. Early as in young kids and early as in first thing in the morning. Waving bye to her daddy as he went off to work, Lee discovered a worm on the sidewalk. A worm isn’t a bug but is certainly a creepy crawly and it apparently needed a home. The bug catcher worked temporarily. As soon as breakfast was over Lee and her mom shoveled a bit of dirt in a pail and transferred the worm from the bug catcher to the pail.

bug-pailAll this was a perfect example of how a day can provide unexpected learning moments. There were lots of questions: Why was the worm on top of the ground? Was it lost? What do worms eat? Would a bird eat it? and many, many more. To talk about the worm needed a few new words like moisture, plant material and underground. These was some math: how many shovels of dirt to put in the pail. Was 2 shovelfuls enough or did it need more? Lots of planning and organizing went into the worm’s new home with dirt, grass and a few fruit scraps. With the family gone during the day a scarecrow on a stick would keep the worm from being lonely. This was a lot of work for a three-year old but to her it was as much fun as play.

Making a home for a worm is an exciting addition to a child’s bucket list. There was math, science, language and social skills in the pail, too. Was this learning? Yes. Was it fun? Double Yes. Do you see how you, as parents and caregivers, can support learning, kindergarten readiness, and fun for your child?


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  1. Don’t you just love those teachable moments? I am amazed at how much inquiry can come from one little worm:)

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