Kindergarten Readiness – Bug Snacks and Learning For Kids

The kitchen is a learning center for all kinds of kindergarten readiness. Our bug snack creations will never rival these incredible ones created by a chef but we had just as much fun.

We made banana and peanut butter caterpillars, orange butterflies and ants on a cloudy log ( the arbutus trees in our area do have a sort of orangey bark) with yogurt as the cloud for the raisin ants. Here are a few of the learning ingredients:


Here are a few of the learning ingredients:

–colors, shapes, sizes
–following directions
–counting, vocabulary
–planning and organizing
–using tools
–fine motor skills
–basic safety
–working and eating together
–healthy eating
–imagining and having FUN

Kids like to help and develop feelings of esteem and achievement when they are included. What kinds of snacks, learning and kindergarten readiness can you cook up with your child? Any more ideas for cute bug snacks?

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