Rocks! Making Stone Soup

rock-soupA cooking activity with the story of Stone Soup is delicious fun for kindergarten readiness that rocks. Do you know the story? It has many variations but usually someone who is hungry asks for help and is turned away. But the hungry person has a stone, button, or nail with magical properties and uses it to make a huge pot of soup. The only problem is that it could use a little something. Gradually, the people who said no in the beginning do not mind sharing some vegetables, meat bones and spices just to flavor the soup. In the end, everyone’s contributions make a wonderful soup and the stone, button or nail has saved the day.

Have you ever heard that story before? This is a wonderful story to share with little ones, either by reading it from a book or just telling it. Better still is making Stone Soup. Everyone in the family can put in a favorite ingredient to make the soup. Young children may not understand the message of cooperation initially but they will remember the fun and the laughter. (We’re boiling the rock first.)

This time, the stone, button or nail has not just made soup but a wonderful memory of sharing. This kind of learning tastes best. What will you put in your Kindergarten Readiness Rock Soup?

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