Kindergarten Readiness Rocks! Choosing Rock Treasures

rock-patchOver the weekend, a tub of rocks of all colors, shapes and sizes was both super fun and super learning for kindergarten readiness. The rocks were sold by the bag, as many as could fit in the bag and the top still close were allowed. Several children and families filled bags and it was interesting to observe different strategies. One child looked for big ones, another wanted rocks in a favorite color. Some rocks were unusual shapes, some had interesting textures that appealed to kids. No matter what their personal preferences, the kids were all practicing the skill of making choices.

We do not appreciate that making a decision or choice is a skill that kids need to learn and practice. While most kids are somewhere in the middle, some have a very difficult time making independent choices and some want to choose everything all the time. Decision making involves problem-solving. With so many choices of rocks, it wasn’t easy even for the grown-ups to pick out rocks. For every rock that went in the bag, another one appeared that was more interesting!

In terms of kindergarten readiness, helping children make decisions is probably not on the to-do list. Yet, as adults, we know the impact that choices can have on our lives. Are there some ways that you can help your child with the skill of making decisions today?

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