Kindergarten Readiness, Learning from the Olympics #1

If you need a good excuse for watching the Olympic coverage on tv, the Olympics can teach us about learning and readiness beyond kindergarten readiness. Not just the competitions, but even the commercials and ads.

Have you see the ads where parents are the athletes with the kids cheering at home, or the ones honoring the moms? These commercials remind us of the role of the parents. After all, parents really are the first teachers or in this case the first coaches.The professionals only continue on what parents have started with their kids.

mom-boy-readingWhen he was interviewed, the bronze medalist Antoine Vallois-Fortier talked about how he started in the sport of judo. He said he was a very energetic child and his parents exposed him to several sports to channel all that energy. He liked judo and has been doing it since he was only 4 years old. After the judo competitions his dad climbed over the fence and bleachers on his way to hug his son. We can maybe see where the son got all the energy.

Today, is there something you can discover with your child? It might be a sport, or a community arts and craft program, or fun in the park. Or your child may need encouragement to try something independently such as building with blocks, or smooshing playdough. Your day might include family swim time at the pool or story-time at the library. As the first teacher-coach, you have an idea of what interests your child and where your child needs extra support. What do you recommend?

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