Kindergarten Readiness Rocks! Developmental MileStones

For this last blog of the month on using rocks for all kinds of kindergarten readiness fun and learning, how about developmental milerocks, er..milestones?

While all children develop at their own rate and have their own unique strengths and challenges, they generally follow the same developmental path. Milestones are indicators along that path that can be used to evaluate a child’s growth and development. They are most helpful when they are used as a guide showing areas where children could use some support.

Here is a brief outline of some of these indicators for a kindergarten readiness developmental checklist. (For a more detailed version, fill in the box at the side –>) No matter the age of your child now, it’s helpful to have an idea of typical 5 year old development:

  • over-the-pondIn the area of self-help, most 5 year-olds are fairly independent and can take care of bathroom needs and separate from parents and caregivers for short periods of time.
  • Kids at this age speak in sentences and respond to basic requests. Most speech sounds have developed.
  • Socially, children enjoy playing and interacting with each other and are able to share.
  • Full of energy, youngsters at this age can hop, jump, run and will even occasionally slow down and walk.
  • At this age, children can listen attentively to a short story and sing a simple song. Basic knowledge includes saying the numbers from 1-10, counting out 5 things, recognizing objects that are the same and different and sorting items into groups.

Please remember that each child is unique. Although there are differences for all children, they follow a similar pattern of development and maturation. Checklists and other evaluations are meant as guidelines.

I hope you and your child have enjoyed this month’s posts of learning activities with rocks. Did you have a favorite one? By supporting children to maximize their learning, their path of stepping stones may turn into Olympic rings!

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