Play & Learn for Kindergarten Readiness: in the Hallway

Learning and play can happen anywhere in the house, even in the hallway, and help kids develop kindergarten readiness and much,much more. The hallway doesn’t classify as a room but if you have enough space in your hallway, here are some play ideas for small bodies:

  • It’s fun to hop along the hall, or creep, or tip toe, or walk stiff like a robot. Bunnies can hop down the hallway while fish need to swim.
  • brothersLittle ones love to play peek a boo around the corners and in doorways.
  • Kids can roll balls or small hoops down the hall.
  • Cars and trucks can travel along roadways made out of blocks or books. I saw a super idea of roads made with green painting tape because it doesn’t leave sticky stuff on the floor or even worse, take off the finish. But like an experienced parent, test it first!!
  • Green painting tape can also make a hopscotch if it’s too rainy to do outside.
  • A beach ball can bowl over some empty shampoo bottles.
  • A few chairs set in the hall can be a pretend bus or waiting room for playing doctor’s or dentist’s office before an appointment. This prepatory play can help reassure a child about a new or scary situation.
  • Put some books on chairs and make your own library.
  • Is there room to roll out a yoga mat for some tumbling and rolling or jumping or dancing?

Usually a hallway doesn’t have furniture or lamps that can get bumped into or knocked over, which is quite an advantage. Would you agree that these play ideas give new meaning to “Kids in the Hall”? Are there some for fun at your house?

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