Some Handy Ideas for Kindergarten Readiness: Opposites

big hand / little hand

This kindergarten readiness learning idea about hands is so obvious I’m surprised I didn’t think of it earlier–opposites. Left and right are opposites. Learning about opposites can be challenging. Opposites that are usually all of one thing or the other such as empty/full, hot/cold, or up/down are fairly easy to learn. But others, like big/little or open/close are much harder. For example, a window may be open only a fairly little bit and most of it is closed, but we still say the window is open. A door may be open only slightly and most of it closed, but this time we say it is closed. No wonder figuring out opposites can be very hard. Left hand and right hand are hard to learn. Even adults can find this tricky. Lots of practice and repetition is needed to figure out opposites

While opposites are not easy to get right, they are an important skill for thinking and language and provide us with a clue about children’s understanding. Today, take advantage of opportunities to use opposites. You and your little one can run fast and then walk nice and slow. Or maybe the water may be too hot and need a little cold. Using ordinary situations is the best way to support learning and make it relevant. Is this all right with you, or maybe it’s left?

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