Christmas Shapes Fun and Learning

Christmas comes in many different shapes and learning about them is lots of fun as well as helpful for kindergarten readiness. Learning shapes is more than just matching a few names. Children need to look at an object, compare it to ones they have seen before and decide if it’s the same or different. For instance, for kids to see that a Christmas tree is a triangle shape they have to ignore the decorations and branches and see the 2 sides going up to a point, just like other triangles. This is a challenging thinking skill involving comparing and evaluating, plus remembering the correct words. Like so many other skills, this learning takes lots of repetition, practice, and play with shapes.

Besides trees, decorations, wreaths, presents, Santa’s hat and belt buckle, and even cookies, are other great shapes. There are shapes to see, feel, touch and taste. When cooking, shopping, doing crafts, and playing with toys there will be lots of shapes. As you and your child work and play today, can you find some shapes?

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