Kindergarten Readiness ABC’s – T is for Tools

The kindergarten readiness play-of-the-day for the letter T is having fun with learning tools. Paint, glue, scissors, crayons, felts, and paper are what we usually think of when it comes to preschool and kindergarten tools, but there are others like play-dough, q-tips, buttons, salad tongs and more that can also be lots of fun.

Children need to strengthen the small muscles in their hands and arms as well as develop their coordination. Activities where they use tools will help them do both, plus provide them with an outlet for self-expression and creativity. Being familiar and comfortable with these tools also helps children feel confident when they use them in preschool or kindergarten.

As children play, we can also help them learn to use these tools safely and responsibly. In order to explain and tell us about what they are doing, children will use lots of language. Sometimes, when playing with others, children also need to practice sharing and working cooperatively.

Using tools will support other strategies and skills that will support the development of kindergarten readiness. What tools can your child enjoy using today?

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