Kindergarten Readiness ABC’s – Y is for Yoga with Kids

The letter y is for yoga so today kindergarten readiness fun and learning gets to bend and stretch.

yoga for kids activitiesYoga for adults has many health and wellness benefits and even more so for children, including strength, flexibility, relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, concentration, focus, self-control, cooperation, balance, body awareness, coordination, and confidence, to name just a few. At this age, movement activities are also building pathways in the brain that will be used for different kinds of learning, such as math and language.

While generally yoga for kids will also use body positions, breathing and some meditation, it may also incorporate games such as yoga tag, and pretending to be animals. In this photo, a ‘tree’ is reaching a root to stre—tch out.

There’s a wealth of books and youtube videos but here’s one for getting started. Y don’t you and your child try some yoga today?

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